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Inayat Kaur

Inayat Kaur, DPT

Inayat Kaur, DPT holds a Masters degree in Physical Therapy and has a diverse background working as a wellness coach, exercise physiologist and as an orthopedic physical therapist. During her career, Inayat has helped hundreds of aircraft construction engineers at Boeing to recover from chronic injuries resulting from their strenuous work. Her patients love her willingness to listen and understand what they are going through with patience and empathy. Inayat works hard to make sure her patients understand the treatment she prescribes so they can team up with her on the path to their long-term wellness. Inayat specializes in analyzing subtle nuances about a patient’s posture, movements, day to day work and life patterns to help identify the underlying root cause triggering the symptoms and to come up with a recovery plan tailored to their needs. She has been treating pelvic pain from last few years and continues to develop her skills in treating pelvic floor dysfunctions. Her treatment is founded on core principles of functional science but often goes beyond and leverages novel techniques inspired from yoga, breathing patterns and muscle energy for long-term holistic well-being. Inayat grew up in India learning yoga and dance most of her childhood which continue to be her passions. When she is not working, she loves to spend quality time with her her family, hiking, cooking healthy and delicious meals and reading.