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Ashley Garrity

Ashley Garrity, DPT

Ashley earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Florida in April 2013, after which she moved to Mountain View, California to begin her physical therapy career in an orthopedic outpatient clinic. She spent a few years as a traveling therapist and has practiced at major hospital-based clinics in Boston, Denver, the Bay Area and South Florida which has given her a variety of experiences and skill sets as a PT.

Ashley grew up in South Florida as a dancer, and her interest in Physical Therapy began at age 15 when she sustained an injury and spent months in rehab. Realizing the impact PT had on her life, she had a desire to give back and help others to improve their quality of life while
meeting new people from all walks of life. Ashley has a particular interest in manual therapy and individualized, holistic functional exercise programs.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband and Golden Retriever named Cruz. Together they enjoy hiking, camping, and anything to do with the mountains or the water. Her hobbies include yoga, working out, reading, and traveling. She is new to the Seattle area and is excited to be working at Advantage PT and is looking forward to exploring all the beauty that Washington has to offer in her free time.

**Favorite Area to treat: my favorite days are the ones that I get to see a little bit of everything. It keeps things interesting to have a variety of diagnoses and body parts. My favorite is foot/ankle and gait/balance diagnoses, but every body part comes with its own challenges and fun aspects.

**Personal struggles/injuries: I grew up as a serious ballet dancer which lead to a pretty significant ankle injury at the age of 12. I began PT and had great success. I fell in love with the profession and decided at age 13 that I wanted to pursue PT as a career to help others overcome injuries and obstacles in their lives to help them achieve their goals and get back to what they love to do. I began volunteering at a PT clinic when I was 14 and working at a local clinic at 15, so PT has been a something I have been involved in for over half my lifetime! I also had hip surgery while I was in PT school due to another dancing injury. It was a challenge to balance a full schedule of courses and patient care while still recovering myself, but I believe the struggle made me a better and more compassionate therapist because I can relate to what so many patients are going through. I’m thankful that what started as a big setback injuries lead me to my lifelong purpose and passion!