What Clients Say

We are proud to have many satisfied patients over the years. If you were happy with your treatment, and would like to share your story, click on the following links to write your own testimonial. Your story can help motivate someone to seek care and inspire them to stay determined through recovery. It also helps our business stay strong so we can offer the excellent care you have come to expect. We depend on your support through referrals to friend and family to strengthen our relationship with the community. We are grateful for your support!

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What Clients Say

"Over the years (and through several sports injuries) I've had the opportunity to work with Rachel at Advantage PT. She and the staff have always been very professional and courteous, with top notch equipment. I really trust Rachel's advice and guidance, and I know my body will thank me 10x over for the time I spent going to physical therapy (which I was initially not a huge fan of). Thanks to Rachel and everyone for helped me get healed! Highly recommended." Larry W.

"Immense gratitude for the physical therapists at Advantage PT in Redmond. They have me walking, albeit slowly and carefully. I won't be doing handstands or jumping up 'n down any time soon BUT couldn't have made this much progress without their amazing care!" Lori MK.

"Amber, thank you for all of your help and education over the past few months. I've really loved working with you. I can tell you truly care and I really appreciate all of the time you take towards helping me improve. Coming to see you about my jaw, I had no idea how beneficial it would be for my back as well. All of the talks we've had about similar situations have been very encouraging and I really needed that. You are so good at what you do and I've really enjoyed our sessions" Jennifer A.

"I got in a bike accident 4 weeks leading up to Ironman Canada. My shoulder was a mess. I could barely hold it up to a 90 degree angle when walking into the office. After 3-1/2 weeks of working with Advantage PT, they got me to the start of my race! We were a bit skeptical after my first assessment. They took my concerns seriously. They made adjustments where it was needed. They are very professional. They took the time and cared for me from the moment I stepped into their office to the moment I left. I could not recommend Advantage PT more. I have been to other PT offices in the Seattle area and have never has the red carpet rolled out like they do here at Advantage PT." Jenn L.

"I spent a lot of time researching and asking friends for recommendations before setting up my first appointment with Joel at Advantage PT in July. I had been to another PT office in Dec/Jan and found that experience to be more frustrating than helpful.

Every appointment at Advantage PT has been positive, informative and therapeutic. My pain from a partial tear in the rotator cuff went from constant (keeping me awake at night) pain- to a few twinges now and then, The hands-on treatments relieved my pain gradually over the first few visits, but the ongoing exercises have made the biggest difference. And Joel always makes sure I understand not only how to do each exercise, but why I'm doing it. Knowing the why has made such a huge difference in my home exercise motivation levels! And I know each visit, Joel is paying attention to my progress and setting new strength and range of motion goals for me to meet.

My reason for choosing Advantage PT was first to get pain relief, but ultimately it is to avoid surgery if possible. I feel completely confident with what I am learning about correct posture and muscle strength that I can at least put off surgery for years to come." Leslie T.

"My therapy with Ann at Advantage Sports Therapy in Redmond has done wonders for my TMJ. In a few weeks, the pain had diminished, and the exercises she showed me really improved my ability to talk and eat normally. Ann really notices individual quirks and customizes her work for each patient." Jeannine G.

"Joel, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and advice with my IT band problem. when I came to you five weeks ago, i didn't even know if I would be able to run again, but with your help, I did great at the marathon - WITH NO PAIN! Actually better than I have ever run, so I will be forever grateful and will do my exercises for the rest of my running life - Thank you SO much again Joel - you are the best!" Diana T.

I came to Ann with severe neck and shoulder pain after I was diagnosed with cervical disc bulge in the C5-C6 region of the spine. I had severe pain and I was unable to even do simple activity. With just 2 visits with Ann I saw a significant improvement in my condition. I like her gentle approach and she thoroughly examines the problem before she starts treating it. She also thinks about long term solutions and gave me many ideas and options to consider for treating the problem permanently. I am very thankful for the treatment and the advises she gave to take care of my problem at home.” Suneetha D.

"Where to start with Chris Tuohy and Advantage PT? My story goes back over 20 years and having a weak, hurting knee from an ACL surgery that was never the same. I went to many Dr’s, surgeons, specialists, etc and no one could tell me what was wrong with my knee, or tell me why it was so weak. Well my weak knee gave out on me skiing 3 years ago and I fell and broke my hip. Now having the hip and knee on the same leg, it’s been hard to do the things that I enjoy and that’s all things outside and active. I have been doing hot Yoga for over a year now and that has helped with flexibility and some exercise but I still couldn’t get my leg strong. In my first visit with Chris, he was able to tell me some things that I had been telling Dr’s for years about my knee and they wouldn’t listen. I was ecstatic to have someone understand what I was saying and work out a plan on how we were going to address it. In my first week of working with Chris, I could feel a huge difference and feel some strength coming back into my knee. It’s been nice to have someone spend some time to understand the problem and give you the personal, professional, experienced service that the medical industry is missing today. Having a plan on what were going to do and be able to see and feel the results in a short amount of time has been a great experience and after 20 years of dealing with this, its life changing. Anyone that needs personal, professional and experienced Physical Therapy, I recommend Chris with the highest regard." Carls S.

"Chris has been extremely helpful in the recovery process of my torn ACL. I thought I would have to get surgery for sure but after a few months with Advantage PT, I barely think about my ACL when I do everyday activities. Doing physical therapy with Chris has been one of my most rewarding experiences and I am very grateful for all of his help." Laura Z.

“I have had problems with my back since 1998. I choose to see Chris Tuohy because he is thorough and thoughtful. He has helped me find just the right Doctors when I have needed them and he truly has a wealth of knowledge and information in treating my back." Ken M.

"Advantage is fantastic, centrally located, easy parking and access and the therapists are the best. Ann has cared for me on several occasions and I come in on crutches and leave walking wihtout a limp. One thing to think about is that they turn you loose when you are ready and don't milk the number of visits. Their goal is to rehab you and get you back on your feet. They earn 5 stars every visit." Bob R.

“I lead a very active lifestyle and over the years, Chris has been invaluable in speeding my recovery and getting me back to running much faster than I ever expected." Anna K.

"I was in excruciating pain and Chris was able to quickly narrow down the problem, explain it to me and get me pain free!” Darren M.